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Chowins Law Firm is a tax law practice located in Flower Mound, Texas, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.  Our practice is devoted entirely to tax law.  This includes tax advice, tax planning, tax audits and tax disputes with the IRS and other tax authorities.

Our Mission


The highest priority is achieving the best possible result for our clients.  Every person is unique, thus every client and every case is unique. Some cases require a diplomatic, even collaborative, approach to achieve a client's goal(s). Other cases require aggressive hard-nosed negotiation and even litigation of the case in court.  Most cases fall somewhere in between.  We examine all solutions to determine which is the best approach to your case and offer creative solutions when appropriate. In some cases, the best approach is for the lawyer to advise the client to change their approach, their behavior, or their expectations.  While simply telling clients what they want to hear would be easy, that is a disservice to the client.  We would rather lose a client than fail them by telling them only what they want to hear.


Few find legal disputes to be pleasant experiences.   Litigating disputes can be one of the most frustrating experiences.   We can never know exactly how a particular client feels apart from what they share with us, but we recognize that many clients feel a multitude of emotions from anger, relief, guilt, worry and others way too long to list and some of which are even seemingly in conflict with each other.  This is normal. Our role is to help you mitigate some of those frustrations by explaining the process, preparing you for what to expect and advise you in order to achieve the best result for you.   


In surveys, one of top frustrations people report with their lawyers is when their lawyer seems to avoid them.  While we understand how that can happen, it is unacceptable in this office.   Responsiveness to clients is paramount in legal matters.  Legal issues can be stressful enough.  We won't add to that by ignoring client inquiries.  We ensure our responsiveness in several ways.

First, while we cannot guarantee your attorney will be available when you call, all client calls and emails are almost always returned the same day but no later than one business day. Furthermore, if the client indicates in their message that an emergency has come up and that they need immediate help, the attorney will call you back immediately upon receiving your message.

Second, clients are sent blind courtesy copies by email on all correspondence and documents related to their case. This simple, yet often overlooked, client communication method often answers any questions the client may have otherwise had.

Third, because disputed matters often require lulls in case activity (waiting for responses from other parties, waiting on a hearing date etc.), we may or may not be actively working on your case on any given day or even any given week. Regardless of activity, clients receive regular email updates about their case.  These updates include the status of their case plus any reminders such as deadlines and hearing dates. This practice makes it very unlikely that case ever slips through the cracks of a busy law office.