Making an Appointment

Existing and Former Clients

If you would like to meet with your attorney in-person or by zoom video conference, simply send us a message as you normally would.  Include your availability, the reason for the meeting, and whether you consider the need for the meeting urgent.   We'll respond with proposed times that same day.   Please do not hesitate to call if you consider the matter you wish to discuss urgent.

New Prospective Clients

If you are not an existing or former client, you can make an appointment for a 30 minute consultation with an attorney by clicking the button below.  You will have the option of meeting in-person at our office in Flower Mound, Texas or the meeting can be done via zoom conferencing.  We do charge a nonrefundable fee for setting the appointment, but will not charge for the attorney's time during the initial 30 meeting.  Once the appointment is set, you may reschedule it one time without paying any additional fee.  If you cancel, the fee will not be refunded.   If for any reason we need to cancel or reschedule an appointment that has been set, you have the option to reschedule or request a refund of the appointment fee.

Vendor Representatives Seeking Our Business

Due to the number and frequency of unsolicited sales calls and other communications, we can not accomodate all such requests.  Vendors representatives are encouraged to submit descriptions of their products or services along with any proposals through the U.S. mail for our consideration.  We will usually respond to such submissions within 30 days if more information is needed.  However, if a meeting is still desired without a submission via U.S. Mail, a vendor's representative can make a 30 minute appointment by clicking the button below to present products or service via telephone or zoom conference with the person who would consider such products.  Like meetings with new prospective clients, there is a nonrefundable fee for making an appointment, but that fee is reduced to reflect that our legal services are not being sought during such meetings.