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Texas Wills and Probate Law



(a) If the value of the entire assets of an estate, excluding homestead and exempt property, does not exceed the amount to which the surviving spouse, minor children, and adult incapacitated children of the decedent are entitled as a family allowance, an application may be filed by or on behalf of the surviving spouse, minor children, or adult incapacitated children requesting a court to make a family allowance and to enter an order that no administration of the decedent's estate is necessary.

(b) The application may be filed:

(1) in any court in which venue is proper for administration; or

(2) if an application for the appointment of a personal representative has been filed but not yet granted, in the court in which the application is filed.

(c) The application must:

(1) state the names of the heirs or devisees;

(2) list, to the extent known, estate creditors together with the amounts of the claims; and

(3) describe all property belonging to the estate, together with:

(A) the estimated value of the property according to the best knowledge and information of the applicant; and

(B) the liens and encumbrances on the property.

(d) The application must also include a prayer that the court make a family allowance and that, if the family allowance exhausts the entire assets of the estate, excluding homestead and exempt property, the entire assets of the estate be set aside to the surviving spouse, minor children, and adult incapacitated children, as with other family allowances provided for by Subchapter C, Chapter 353.


(a) On the filing of an application under Section 451.001, the court may hear the application:

(1) promptly without notice; or

(2) at a time and with notice as required by the court.

(b) On the hearing of the application, if the court finds that the facts contained in the application are true and that the expenses of last illness, funeral charges, and expenses of the proceeding have been paid or secured, the court shall:

(1) make a family allowance; and

(2) if the entire assets of the estate, excluding homestead and exempt property, are exhausted by the family allowance made under Subdivision (1):

(A) assign to the surviving spouse, minor children, and adult incapacitated children the entire estate in the same manner and with the same effect as provided in Subchapter C, Chapter 353, for the making of a family allowance to the surviving spouse, minor children, and adult incapacitated children; and

(B) order that there shall be no administration of the estate.

§ 451.003. EFFECT OF ORDER.

(a) An order of no administration issued under Section 451.002(b) constitutes sufficient legal authority to each person who owes money, has custody of property, or acts as registrar or transfer agent of any evidence of interest, indebtedness, property, or right, belonging to the estate, and to each person purchasing from or otherwise dealing with the estate, for payment or transfer without administration to the persons described in the order as entitled to receive the estate.

(b) The persons described in the order are entitled to enforce by suit their right to payment or transfer described by this section.


(a) At any time, but not later than the first anniversary of the date of entry of an order of no administration under Section 451.002(b), any interested person may file an application to revoke the order.

(b) An application to revoke the order must allege that:

(1) other estate property has been discovered, property belonging to the estate was not included in the application for no administration, or the property described in the application for no administration was incorrectly valued; and

(2) if that property were added, included, or correctly valued, as applicable, the total value of the property would exceed the amount necessary to justify the court in ordering no administration.

(c) The court shall revoke the order on proof of any of the grounds described by Subsection (b).

(d) If the value of any property is contested, the court may appoint two appraisers to appraise the property in accordance with the procedure prescribed for inventories and appraisements under Chapter 309. The appraisement of the appointed appraisers shall be received in evidence but is not conclusive.

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